Permanent Public Art Commission


This sign was commissioned for the APS 7th Street and Roosevelt Substation Project in downtown Phoenix, the entrance to what’s known as Roosevelt Row. A collaborative effort by Espiritu Loci, Inc., Bleier Industries and local artist Tato Caraveo. The concept draws from mid century signage, typography and bright contrasting colors that are dominant in the blazing city called Phoenix.


  • Porcelain coated enamel paint
  • Cut and rolled steel plates
  • Solid steel standoff studs


  • APS
  • Espiritu Loci, Inc.
  • 2022

The Location

The First Friday Art Walk  is one of the largest self-guided art walks in the nation, with food trucks and an open-air market kind of feel. Take a self-guided tour throughout various art galleries and installations, or check out the live music happening on the street corners.


The main goal for this project was to create an eye catching legible sign that could be read by passing cars. The color scheme had to reflect the vibrant and saturated walls that line the alleyways and businesses of this art covered section of downtown named Roosevelt Row. The substation boasts an entire city block and is covered in commissioned artwork by many local Phoenix artists. The entire substation is a work of art with sections of it designed to be played.

Working with local artist Tato Caraveo, our collaboration for this curved facade was accomplished with great attention to detail and a love for our city. With backgrounds in illegal street graffiti, it’s appropriate that we were chosen to decorate this sign inviting the world to the gateway of street art in Arizona.


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Annual visitors to Roosevelt Row


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