Limited Edition “Nature’s Pattern” Earrings (12)


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The patterns found in nature is the inspiration for this design. The endless designs found in nature are never identical just like these limited edition earrings!

This two-sided earring features a sprig of wild desert grass on one side and a feather pattern on the other. The hollow design is inspired by wind and how it flows through the grass and feathers of our desert here in Arizona.

The hand-sanded and stained Baltic Birch wood compliments the laser etched channels and grooves of each piece — and every earring features a unique etching on the backside different from the rest. There is also another unique piece added to the jump ring connecting the earring to the hardware. The jump ring and ear wire are hand formed from 18k gold-filled wire.

This product is hand-sanded and stained, laser etched & cut, and assembled by RVSO in his Phoenix, AZ studio by hand. The earrings come packaged with custom numbered earring cards.

  • 1.5″ x .1.75″
  • 38.1 mm x 44.45 mm

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Weight .08 lbs