“HEOSIG” Spring 2022 Bands



The first drop for 2022 is inspired by my Tohono O’odham side and comes in 10 new colors. A brand new design that celebrates the beginning of the year with the first season of Spring. I chose this palette which is reminiscent of the colors that are in full bloom and will continue in the coming weeks. The name “Heosig” is a traditional name for a girl in the O’odham language and translates to ‘flowers’.

Historically, the Akimel O’odham and Tohono O’odham were some of the world’s premier basketmakers, and the Tohono O’odham remain very active in this field. Among the Akimel O’odham, basket weaving is an art undergoing revival. As people of the desert, in particularly the Phoenix Valley, this is my ode to my ancestors who’ve called these lands home for time immemorial. Elements of O’odham basketry design are engraved into this band for your digital time piece.

  • A classic sport wristband with stainless steel buckle plus a quick mount and dismount lug system which lock your watch precisely and securely. Quick and simple to install and remove the band. Tips: Apple Watch Band Only. Apple Watch is NOT INCLUDED.
  • Compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3 –  Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6 & SE (40mm&44mm) – Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm&45mm) – Apple Watch Sport – Apple Watch Edition.
  • No Skin Irritation: Soft and smooth engraved silicone which is durable and lightweight. 
  • Sizes: 38mm/40mm/41mm Size fits 5.1″-7.1″ (130mm-180mm) wrist; 42mm/44mm/45mm Size fits 5.9″ – 7.9″ (150mm-200mm) wrist. Please check the size on the back of your watch to choose the right size before purchase.

Additional information

Band Color

Calendula, Daffodil, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Iris, Lilac, Lilly, Magnolia, Peony, Tulip

Band Size

38/40mm M/L, 42/44mm M/L

Size Chart

The recommended wrist size for 38mm/40mm/41mm is about 4.9 Inch - 7.5 Inch. Recommended wrist size for 42mm/44mm/45mm is about 5.1 Inch - 8.5 Inch. Please check your size before purchasing.