2023 Spring Basket Bands (Samsung)



A Tohono O’odham ‘hoh’ or basket is made from a coil of bear grass (Nolina microcarpa, called moho in our language) sewn with bleached white yucca (Yucca elata – tokway). Other materials used include green or yellow-green unbleached yucca, black from the seed pod of the devilsclaw plant (Proboscidea parviflora – eehuk) and on occasion, red from the root of the Spanish or Shin Dagger (Yucca arizonica, oh’eetock).

My watch band drop for Spring 2023 is inspired by the basket designs from the O’odham here in these Sonoran desert lands. The bands are for Samsung Galaxy, FitBit and Garmin round bezels, long and short. Silicone strap with colorful buckle.

The Tohono O’odham worked creatively in order to continue the core values and symbols that are important to their traditions. While material culture traditions concerned with subsistence are often the first to disappear (Wadde 1986:86), Tohono O’odham basketry did not because weaving is part of a strong tradition that integrates language, ceremonies, traditional knowledge, oral stories, and is a symbol of a shared social identity within the Tohono O’odham community. It also has provided weavers a way to earn income.

As time moves into the future you can wear and remember the ways of the past while tracking your progress, staying on schedule and planning your journey.


The colors for this drop are also ones that you see during the Spring months. Enjoy your time outdoors and stay ACTIVE!!

• Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

• Galaxy Watch 4 40mm 44mm

• Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm 46mm

• Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 45mm

• Garmin, FitBit

Additional information

Band Color

Agave Green, Creosote Yellow, Devil's Claw Black, Gila River Blue, Javelina Grey, Palo Verde, Phoenix Red, Sonoran Sand, Sunset Purple, Yucca White

Band Size

Long, Short